Road tanks

In addition to its technical abilities, a modern tank truck is required to have a functional design. Our tank trucks have an identity of their own, one which expresses ultimate competence. As market leader, we are committed to meeting this standard. The latitude in design resulting from legal standards and customer requirements is complemented by our knowhow to build an economic truck: working load optimization, user friendliness, reliability and availability, an excellent price/performance ratio are therefore important points in the development process.

We have all type approvals to cover the entire spectrum of commercial tank trucks. Moreover, we have in-house approvals from the Physikalischen-Technischen Bundesanstalt for several measuring devices.

New Design

In Esterer road tanks latest technique and state-of-the-art functionality were perfectly be synchronized and merged into a creative unit of an aesthetic appeal. A technical concept which perfects the "form follows function" pattern. In return: an optimized and rapid - but even simplier operation. Precisely it affected outline form, collecting tray, control case, and lightning.

Road tanks ( rigid ) & trailer




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