FTA 45.450

Esterer Fuelling Drawbar Trailer is of rugged modern design and in conformity with the latest technical trends and ready to carry aviation fuel which is discharged by a pump mounted on the towing vehicle.

Product specification

Usable Tank capacity: 45.000 Liter
Dimensions: Length: 13.300 mm (incl. Tow bar)
Width: 3.000 mm
Height: 2.670 mm (unladen)
Permissible weights: Front axle: 22.000 kg
Rear axles: 22.000 kg
Gross vehicle weight: 44.000 kg
Performance: approx. 3.000 lpm discharge capacity

Standard equipment acc.
To IATA/JIG, EN 12312/5
Regulations following GGVS / ADR



  • In self-supporting aluminium alloy construction
  • Single compartment, triple / quadruple coned

Tank equipment

  • Tank fitted with manhole
  • Explosion proof ventilation device (tilt safety)
  • Dip stick
  • Access ladder to tank top
  • Handrail
  • Tank overturn protection

Operations and equipment

  • Discharge via towing vehicle
  • Bottom loading
  • Pipes of fl ow system: aluminium
  • Drive-away interlock system