ESTERER e-Refueling

Esterer has developed the first electrical refueling management system for airfield operations. Driven by electrical power the system no longer requires the main engine of the chassis anymore resulting in no emissions from the vehicle, no fuel consumption during refueling and reduced wear and tear to the power train. This reduces the overall costs for fuel consumption and maintenance resulting in a Return-On-Invest in less than three years. One battery charge is sufficient to dispense 50,000 liters of fuel at a rate of 1,000 l/min.

The complete system includes the rechargeable battery, electrical drive for the pump, plug-in station, operators screen and software. All components except the electrical drive are developed and build by Esterer to ensure our high quality and service.

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Rechargeable battery



During refueling operations:

  • less refueling time due to better controllability of the delivery pump
  • no pollutant emission from the combustion engine
  • no hot point created by exhaust pipe
  • no operation hours of the main engine
  • no noise from the main engine
  • no wear and tear of the power train
  • no fuel consumption
  • reduced unproductive regeneration times for modern diesel engine trucks (EURO VI)


  • reduced overall costs for fuel and maintenance
  • return on investment in less than three years possible

Esterer e-Refueling significantly reduces costs of ownership and emissions from the refueling vehicle.

Operators screen


Technical Specifications

typical 20m³ refueling truck for underwing pressure refueling 

max. flow rate 1,000 liters per minute      
max. refueling capacity
(without recharging)
50,000 liters
recharging time4h
battery lifetimeup to 7000 full charging cycles

This typical truck saves more than 13 tons of CO2 per year.

Esterer e-Refueling can be adapted to any airfield refueling vehicle. Please feel free to contact us for further information about your potential economical and ecological savings.


Plug-in station


Electrical drive