The development of our latest all-type dispenser offers total flexibility in refueling almost all types of aircrafts. With an initial height of 2.07 meters and the freely extendible platform with a working height of 4.5 meters, aircrafts with low wing heights can be refueled just as easy and reliable as the largest passenger aircrafts in the world.

The all-type dispenser is a solution that fulfills all the requirements of your dispensing vehicle fleet. It offers maximum utility as there is no need to change vehicles and refueling times are kept to a minimum. Besides considering on how to achieve the greatest efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our engineers also keep the entire refueling process in mind at all times.

Neatly and uniformly arranged display and operating elements minimize the number of operational errors and thus ensure a simple and safe refueling process. The entire input and output system is easy to use with minimum effort and has been designed to meet all performance requirements.


The Esterer All-Type-Dispenser is your all-in-one solution for any aircraft.

  • one vehicle for low wing aircraft like B737-100 and high wing aircraft like B777-9
  • faster refueling through deck hoses for low wing aircraft
  • easy logistics
  • ergonomic handling

All components can be individually discussed and adapted to customer needs. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.


performance1,200 liters per minute via hose reel
3,800 liters per minute via two deck hoses
chassis height2,07m
maximum platform height  4,50m