Positive Results for the eRefueler

Esterer erefueler

12.12.2018 | Good for the environment, good for the balance sheet: Our electrified refueler achieves the savings potential calculated by Shell Aviation. There was no need to refuel the eRefueler yet, though—it still has not used up all the fuel that was put in the tank in May 2018. [more]

Miniature Tanker—Hours of Playtime Fun

Esterer SIKU Miniature Tanker

12.12.2018 | An Esterer tank vehicle that fits in the palm of your hand: If you are looking for a child’s Christmas gift, how about the new SIKU model truck with an Esterer tank body? It is a cult collector’s item for grown-up SIKU fans, too! [more]

PEANO: Prize-Winning Innovation

Esterer’s new generation of vehicles with electric pump drive convinced jury and trade visitors alike at expo PetroTrans 2018: The PEANO was honored with the exhibition’s Innovation Award. Another innovation presented at expo PetroTrans was the integrated AdBlue® tank from Esterer.[more]

Stepping Quietly Into The Future

Our customer Shell Aviation has been operating Esterer’s new electrified refueler since May 2018. World première at Stuttgart Airport: Aircraft are refueled with zero emissions and absolutely silently.[more]

Successful Together

Jürgen Schmidt has been at Esterer for almost 30 years. He has seen and helped to create many changes—from the opening of the border between East and West Germany to the creation of the new business unit Aircraft Refuelers or the introduction of assembly line production.[more]