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Saddle Up and Cycle to Work

Esterer offers its employees an attractive bike leasing scheme.

When a brand-new e-bike glides across Esterer’s yard in the morning, it could be one of the company’s new leasing bikes; Esterer has been offering a scheme which allows its employees to purchase the bike of their choice at a bargain price since March 2019. The positive results: fit employees, no emissions, and plenty of leisure time fun.

40 employees already use the bike-leasing scheme. Christopher Richter, Commercial Director and authorized officer at Esterer, is the internal contact for company bikes. He says: “We are delighted by the positive response. Spouses and partners are also authorized to use the scheme. A large majority of our employees live nearby, so it makes sense to cycle to work instead of taking the car!” However, even employees who come to work by car or public transport still benefit from having a company bike, because it can also be used for private purposes.

A Dream Bike: One Third Cheaper

No matter what kind of bike the employee chooses under the leasing scheme—e-bike, mountain bike, trekking bike or racing bike—he or she will save about one-third of the purchase price. As the lessee, Esterer deducts the monthly leasing installment from the employee’s gross salary. This, in turn, reduces the amount liable for income tax, so the employee also benefits in form of a tax break. Other benefits include fully comprehensive insurance and a bike leasing app. “Fortunately, thanks to our cooperation agreement with Bikeleasing-Service GmbH & Co. KG, which is active throughout Germany, we can offer our employees active support when they purchase their dream bike,” concludes Christopher Richter. “Bike leasing schemes are a rarity in medium-sized companies like ours, so Esterer is actively promoting health, fitness and a good work-life balance for its employees.”


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