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Miniature Tanker—Hours of Playtime Fun

12.12.2018 – An Esterer tank vehicle that fits in the palm of your hand: If you are looking for a child’s Christmas gift, how about the new SIKU model truck with an Esterer tank body? It is a cult collector’s item for grown-up SIKU fans, too!

Esterer SIKU Miniature Tanker

Two family-run companies had the same idea: In 2014, Julia Esterer hosted the 22nd Family Company Forum staged by WIFU, the Witten-based Institute for Family Companies. Dr. Britta Sieper, owner of Sieper GmbH (the company that makes SIKU), was one of the guests at the networking meeting. The two women quickly formulated the idea of producing a SIKU model of an Esterer tanker.

“I’m very pleased with this unique model, which now has pride of place on my desk,” says Julia Esterer. Children’s eyes light up at the sight of this new SIKU tanker, a scale model of a TGS 26.320. Playtime fun is guaranteed, as the hose reel can be unrolled and the tank can be filled with water. Of course, there are unlimited creative possibilities even without water. The model can be used in a wide variety of play settings—on “construction sites” and playroom carpets, or in the “workshop”. The 1:50 scale model consists of a sturdy zinc chassis with three axles, metal driving cab and plastic tank body.

A large 1:16 scale model MAN TGS tanker is already available from BRUDER Spielwaren GmbH + Co. KG, which also features a tank that can be filled with water and a roll-out hose reel. Whether as a children’s toy or as a collector’s item for adults, one thing is certain: Esterer tank vehicles enjoy a cult following—and not just at Christmas time!


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