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Good Air and Good Performance

Mobile welding fume extractors and new filter towers ensure optimum working conditions.

Clean, warm air in winter: The filter towers are connected to the heating system. (Image: ESTA)

Clean, warm air in winter: The filter towers are connected to the heating system. (Image: ESTA)

Tank construction entails the cutting, welding and grinding of sheet aluminum, resulting in the production of large quantities of dust. Esterer has made a large investment in comprehensive modernization measures to significantly improve air quality in the production hall. Four new ESTA mobile welding fume extractors and three filter towers help to create a perfect working atmosphere.

This is a benefit that can be felt immediately on entering the production hall: the entire air content—some 52,000 cubic meters—is completely circulated three times an hour, resulting in outstanding air quality. What is more, the filtered recycled air is connected to the heating plant for optimum regulation of the temperature in the production hall. “The new installations are a real benefit for our employees in the tank construction department,” says Christopher Richter, Commercial Director and authorized officer at Esterer, who supervised the modernization project. “At peak times, when work is in progress on ten tanks simultaneously, the dust load in the air is correspondingly high. The particles are carried under the ceiling by convection, then fall down again. This is where the filter towers come into play: They capture the particles at a height of four meters and clean the air using a two-stage filter system. The result is outstanding industrial safety and a more comfortable working environment for our workforce!” 

Maximum Flexibility for Welding

ESTA also installed four mobile welding fume extractors for pinpoint extraction of fumes. They are fitted with swiveling extractor arms which can be adjusted easily by employees as required. They are mounted on versatile castors, so they can moved around the easily to wherever they are needed. To optimize handling even further, additional PU extractor hoses were fitted to the mobile devices at Esterer’s request. “This enables our welders to take the extractor system with them easily when they are working inside the tank. Welding fumes are extracted directly where they originate. We also place an extractor arm over one of the construction apertures at the top,” explains Christopher Richter. “This combination not only ensures the highest possible level of industrial safety, but is also easy to handle!”

Subsidy of 30 Per Cent

Family company ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG is a leader in the field of extractor technology. “The experts at ESTA gave us outstanding advice and designed an extractor system that is exactly tailored to our needs. On the one hand, our welders extract harmful welding fumes directly, and on the other the filter towers.

Ensure that the air in the production all is clean and pleasantly warm. This concept is tailored exactly to our requirements,” concludes Christopher Richter. As an additional highlight, Esterer’s energy consultant submitted a successful energy conservation concept to BAFA, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control—and the investment received a subsidy of no less than 30 per cent.


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