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Gigantic Expertise

Esterer delivers aircraft refueler with 80 m³ capacity to a new customer

The shiny, brand-new articulated tanker rolls into the yard. When the driver climbs out, he looks surprisingly small, and no wonder: the newly built tanker is 21 meters long, an imposing three and a half meters high, and can hold up to 80 cubic meters of fuel. When fully loaded, this colossus can weigh up to 95 tons. After the Esterer engineering team has carried out the final checks, the vehicle is ready for delivery to Luchthaven Schiphol in Amsterdam, Europe’s third-largest airport.

The maxi-vehicle was built for a new customer from the Netherlands, Combined Refueling Service (CRS). One of its striking features is that dispensing pump and platform are both located at the rear of the vehicle. This allows cargo aircraft to be refueled and loaded at the same time, because the tanker can be reversed close to the aircraft while the cargo is loaded further forward.

Increasing demand for Esterer products

Esterer’s giant tankers are in great demand worldwide. “Esterer is currently the only German company building tankers of this size,” says Nico Hanemann, Head of Sales Aviation Business at Esterer. “Our company has unique expertise in the field of large vehicles, so there is a significant rise in demand. In the past three years alone we have delivered 18 tankers of this size—to customers all over the world!“


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