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Esterer Shares Expertise

12.12.2018 – Whether it is a ban on filter monitors or the refueling of new aircraft types, Esterer has a reputation for providing outstanding and practical solutions to challenges. In this context, Nico Hanemann attracted a lot of interest with his report on sensor technology and refueling solutions at the JIG (Joint Inspection Group) international Managers’ Workshop.

When new technology is in demand, Esterer shares its expert knowledge not just in Germany, but globally. Head of Sales Nico Hanemann gave a talk on current issues to about 60 expert participants from the industry at the Managers’ Workshop staged by JIG, the leading international organization for the development of aviation fuel supply standards.

The first issue was finding possible replacements for filter monitors — their authorization expires at the end of 2020. What are the technical alternatives? Nico Hanemann’s clear recommendation was to convert to sensor technology at the earliest possible opportunity: “To date, filter monitors have been used to ensure that water does not contaminate aircraft fuel tanks,” the expert explained. “However, as they have been shown to be a potential cause of problems with jet engines, their authorization will not be renewed. Consequently, we are converting our tankers either to filter water separators or sensor technology.

The advantage of sensors is that they take up less space, cost less, and can be installed directly on-site!”

Optimum Access to New Aircraft Types

Nico Hanemann then spoke about new possibilities for refueling platforms. The problem is that the refueling ports on aircraft such as the A380 or B777 are located higher up, so platforms must be at least 4.5 meters high to guarantee safe and reliable refueling. Nico Hanemann showed that the modification of scissor lifts and adjustments to height limiters are tried and tested solutions. Summing up, he said: “Esterer is regularly invited to submit solutions to current technical problems, which enables us to demonstrate our innovative strength and ability to perform at the highest level, while taking an active role in shaping new technology in the airport industry!”


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