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The Future is Connected

Esterer presents innovations at inter airport Europe trade fair. Tank vehicles are fitted with a wide range of sensors, such as pressure differential gauge, meters or GPS, but many important data have not been used—until now. At inter airport Europe 2019, Esterer will be presenting a pioneering data networking system: “proRefuel”.

“To date, some of our customers have only requested the vehicle location for planning purposes or meter reading for invoicing, but that was all,” says Nico Hanemann, Head of Sales Aviation Business. “There are, of course, many other sensor data that could be used to increase the efficiency of airport processes in the fields of maintenance, efficiency and occupational safety, for instance.” The pressure sensor in the filter, for example, provides information about when the next maintenance is due. “Maintenance-relevant sensors like this can be used actively to make planning easier and ensure that airport processes run smoothly,” Nico Hanemann explains.

Is a tanker an optimum match for a given location or its current purpose? Or would it be better to deploy a smaller or larger vehicle in accordance with the application profile? Sensor data could also bring clarity here. The assessment of efficiency parameters will allow customers to plan the use of their vehicles easily and at a low cost.

The data networking system has also proved to be an extremely useful way to increase occupational safety. Nico Hanemann cites an example: “In the event of an emergency or technical fault, the driver switches the interlock system off. In future, data transmission could ensure that supervisors are informed immediately when the interlock is overwritten. They can then contact the driver by radio or directly arrange repairs.” In other words, “proRefuel” helps to increase safety at airports.

Maximum Clarity:
Customer-Specific Presentation of Data

Nico Hanemann explains: “Our new system is of particular interest to large companies. We offer individual, hierarchy-dependent data presentation. For example, the responsible supervisor at the airport sees the data of his vehicles on site, whereas regional managers can see the data of all vehicles deployed in a wider area.” Esterer provides these customized data via a portal. Maximum security for customer data has top priority: Esterer uses servers located in Germany and complies with the strictest German data security requirements.

Perfect Connectivity:
Esterer Presents Innovations at inter airport Europe 2019

Another innovation that will be presented at the Esterer exhibition booth is the “Esterer Smart Service App”, which provides customers around the globe with a direct connection with a technician in Esterer’s Service Department (you can find a detailed account of our Smart Service in the last Newsletter or online at: https://www.esterer.de/news/artikel/ansicht/der-virtuelle-blick-ueber-die-schulter.html).

While the topic of networking and connectivity will be the main focus in the exhibition pavilion, two tanker vehicles will offer a hands-on experience in the neighboring outdoor section: a hydrant dispenser und an E-Refueler. The latter is an AvGas tanker with an electric dispensing pump (with rechargeable battery) for our customer Shell Aviation. 

Nico Hanemann is already looking forward to discussions with trade visitors to the Esterer exhibition booth. He concludes by saying: “We are eager to hear the feedback on our new digital service. Data networking will play an increasingly important role in our industry in future. ‘proRefuel’ offers our customers an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of data networking today.”

Save the date: inter airport Europe will take place from October 8 – 11, 2019 in Munich. You will find the Esterer exhibition booth in the outdoor section, Stand No. C 40.

For more information, please see: www.interairporteurope.com


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