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A Virtual Look over the Shoulder

Digitalized service: Esterer offers fast, targeted service around the world with the help of data goggles, saving time and reducing costly vehicle downtime. Starting in summer 2019, “Esterer Smart Service” will also be available as an app that fulfills even the strictest data security requirements.

Data goggles in use at Esterer

Data goggles in use: service technician Roberts Malcevs

The first time new data goggles were used was when a customer of many years’ standing, who had tested the new “Esterer Smart Service” data goggles for Esterer in 2018, needed support to solve a problem with the electrics of his aircraft refueler. Normally, Roberts Malcevs, a technician who travels around the world to help and advise Esterer customers, would have contacted the Service Dept. by phone and solved the problem with the help of e-mails and photographs. This time, however, Roberts Malcevs only needed to put on his data goggles: thanks to the fast connection to his colleagues in the Design Dept. and a few instructions, he was soon able to find a virtual solution. Test passed with flying colors!

“The data goggles are fitted with a camera and a microphone, allowing real-time communication between experts and customers. There is also a built-in monitor screen which allows, for example, circuit diagrams or photos to be displayed”, explains Nico Hanemann, Head of Sales for Aircraft Refuelers. It was his idea not to keep sending Esterer experts on costly, time-consuming journeys to the customer, but to create a direct connection using data goggles. He adds: “All our customer will need are the data goggles and an internet connection. If we send them by express courier, the customer will get the goggles the day after dispatch. They can be used without any special training – all functions are intuitive.” Language barriers are not a problem either: an automatic translation function ensures smooth and easy communication – both in chat mode or via the microphone.

Secure software – specially developed for Esterer

“The special software is exactly tailored to Esterer’s requirements”, says Nico Hanemann. “One core benefit is that the software doesn’t need to be installed in advance. The program is stored on a website with a secure log-in, so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which offers maximum flexibility and rapid availability of our experts!”. And there is more besides: “Starting this summer, we aim to offer our customers not only the data goggles, but also a service app”, adds Nico Hanemann. Ensuring data security will be top priority, so all communication will be encoded in accordance with German data security standards. Servers are also located in Germany. Although it is easier and more convenient to use the data goggles, a smartphone also fulfills the requirements for live communication i.e. internet connection, microphone and camera.

Data goggles – a groundbreaking technical advance

Esterer is setting a pioneering trend in the industry by being the first company to use data goggles. Managing Director Julia Esterer says: “This represents a major step towards digitalization – and we are taking it together with our customers all over the world!”


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