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All-Round View

Optional camera on demand offers greater safety and comfort

Safe and discreet: Seamless camera integration for an overall harmonious vehicle silhouette.

Whether it is a question of maneuvering in tight corners or turning at intersections with bad visibility, the BirdView system “Mobile Vicinity Scout” offers a seamless, intuitive 360-degree view all around the tank vehicle. Especially in difficult situations, the camera helps the driver and ensures maximum safety. Managing Director Julia Esterer believes it is well worth investing in this optional extra. She says: “When requested by the customer, we have been delivering vehicles with an additional fitted camera for a few months now—and the numbers are increasing. The additional comfort and, above all, the safety aspect play an important role. We can only recommend fitting the camera: our customers have all been highly satisfied!”

Robust and durable: Quality “Made in Germany”

When Esterer builds its tank vehicles, quality always takes top priority, so the camera also meets the highest standards. Its robust design guarantees a long service life, even harsh operating environments. The camera offers a high level of flexibility, so it can be adapted to a wide variety of vehicles and visibility requirements. Made by Motec GmbH, based in Hadamar in central Hesse, it offers reliable German technical quality: all hardware and software components are designed, programmed and produced in-house in Germany.

One camera system—numerous benefits

Safe, fast maneuvering in tight spaces with no need for the driver to dismount: the Motec MVS system provides 360-degree all-round vision as an aid to maneuvering in the narrowest of spaces or reversing up to ramps and obstacles. The risks associated with vehicle blind spots no longer apply. The split-screen display shows the driver an all-round view and a rear-view image at the same time when reversing. The system also ensures that cyclists or pedestrians in blind spots are not overlooked when the vehicle is at an intersection—an added safety feature that benefits all road users.  

Four wide-angle cameras with a 180-degree viewing angle on both sides of the vehicle provide unobstructed 360-degree all-round vision covering the side, front and rear of the vehicle. Depending on application, the range of vision can be up to seven meters.

The interfaces—CAN bus, control wiring and Ethernet—allow full integration into the vehicle electronics system and networked connectivity with other sensors. One person can quickly and easily calibrate the system in a matter of minutes without any need for a laptop or the presence of a service technician. In short, the camera fitted to the tanker not only means comfort, convenience and safety, but also offers a wide range of benefits in day-to-day operation.


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