Consistent Quality

We ensure the highest quality standards through a seamless process which takes in all departments – beginning with purchasing and the search for the best suppliers to using synergies between the road tank truck and the refueler construction sectors. Expertise gained in one area is used to help the other segment. In the end it is the customer who benefits: with a tank truck of the highest quality, equipped with technical solutions which have proven themselves in extreme situations.

Know How

Competitiveness in a global marketplace and social responsibility for our site in Helsa are not a contradiction. The positive effects of the system of values developed and practiced by our employees can be felt in the workplace, and this atmosphere of mutual respect and comradeship contributes directly to improved economic results. What is more, our support for local projects and social commitment in our home region of North Hesse are examples of our anticipation of the fundamental principles of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Our many years of experience and our extensive know-how in tank truck construction are particularly evident when it comes to manufacturing demanding solutions. More than 50 years of experience in tank truck construction are a byword for the high level of competence in the company. Tank construction as well as the integration of functional and safety equipment have thus long since developed into core competences which set us apart from our competitors.

All divisions, from purchasing to development and design and on to production liaise efficiently and continuously exchange ideas and information. Quality management is directed at benefitting our customers. 
Our after-sales service provides us with the best feedback possible: feedback positive from our customers.

Made in Germany

All development and design work is performed by excellent engineers in Germany and implemented by experts in the production department.